Election Day Snack Ideas

Election Day Snack Ideas

Just like the big game, you can’t watch Election Day results without something to snack on. Check out these Election Day Snack Ideas that are sure to help you celebrate, or just help you get through the results.

So the big day is finally here. You’ve checked your district’s ballot. You have watched all the debates. You’ve researched and vetted each and every candidate. Now it’s time to party. Whether you are one of those people that scream at the TV or someone that studies the election process and election results with the precision of an armchair quarterback, compliment the festivities with some tasty treats and drinks.

Election Day Snack Ideas

Chips and Dips

Election Day Chips and Dips

A party isn’t a party without some chips and dip. Potato, tortilla or corn chips with french onion, guac or salsa you can’t go wrong. The Oval Office is worthy of a candidate with class and your guests are no different in regards to dips. Fresh made guac or salsa are a snap to make and taste so much better than store bought. Grab a knife, a cutting board and some Hass Avocados and get to mashing.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Yeah, you know it. Pork and Politics go hand in hand. Why not pay homage to special interest projects and pork barrel spending with a batch of Pulled Pork Sliders? You could also throw your sliders a spin like a candidate’s scandal press speech by using Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce vs. traditional tomato based, or serving sweet and sour slaw instead of creamy.

Patriotic Sweet Tooth

Red White and Blue Sweets

What better way to balance out the bitterness in the news reports than serving some Red White and Blue sweets? Grab some strawberry rope, yogurt covered something or other and some chocolate covered blueberries. You don’t have to be particular. Just find some of your favorite sweets that come Red, White and Blue. Serve those sweets in some shabby chic containers and you have yourself a sweet little Election Day Party.

Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings

You know you’re serious about Election Day Results when you’re throwing down some wings. The candidates have been slinging heat all campaign long, you might as well serve up some yourself. Whether you bake your wings or fry them, make sure to toss them in a sauce that stings has bad as the mud that was slung all summer long.


Election Day Popcorn

Simple, yes, but oh so fitting. What does one grab when they want to hang around and watch something entertaining? Popcorn. There have been twists, turns, scandals, investigations, controversial October surprises and news coming from some non-traditional sources. It’s had it all. This election is one for the ages and worthy of some movie style buttered popcorn. So grab your remote. Tune in. Hop in your favorite chair and enjoy the festivities!

Let me be clear

  • Do enjoy one of the above Election Day Snack Ideas. They’re tasty.
  • Do enjoy the results of the election no matter who wins.
  • Do continue to be nice to each other, even to someone who voted for the “other guy”.
  • Just do not forget to get out and VOTE!